This website was restored in March 2007, and then upgraded in Spring 2009 to accommodate Unicode, by Richard Brown, M.S., Computer and Information Sciences, University of North Florida, 2005,

Principal Investigator and webmaster: Marilyn Hughes Blackmon, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Institute of Cognitive Science. University of Colorado at Boulder

New in 2009: Unicode-compatible versions of ACWW, the highly automated web-based interface for doing the Cognitive Walkthrough for the Web (CWW). Click this link to go to the ACWW Unicode-compatible website or try the beta version of the ACWW-XML Unicode-compatible website, a version under development that allows you to upload an XML file. A huge thank-you from all CWW researchers and other users to Richard Brown, who shares our enthusiasm for CWW and volunteered to create the highly automated ACWW original web-based interface as his thesis for his 2005 M.S. degree in Computer and Information Sciences at University of North Florida.

To use any of the original CWW online tools, now fully restored, click AutoCWW2 tools home page. These are web-specific adaptations of the tools available at the Latent Semantic Analysis website,

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